Dominate the games!

Masyaf services a lot of tools which will make you one step next from others on games. These tools make the control of game easier and increase the your winning rate. Now, buy and feel the this experience!

Our products


  • Levelbot
  • Farmbot
  • Spambot
  • Auto-Login
  • Infinite Client
  • Windows 10 x64

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find written and video installation instructions in the "Knowledgebase" section, which you can access after purchase.
Unfortunately, it is not possible, all sales are final.
We can't give any warranty about that. All responsibility is on you.
You can create a support request by clicking the "Open New Ticket" button on the page you purchased.
No, you can use on just one computer at the same time.
Your license is defined on the computer on which you first run the software. If you want to switch to a different computer, create a support ticket explaining why you're switching.