XLBot Introduction
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(Contact the moderators on Discord to get an invite code)

DISCORD: https://bit.ly/masyafdc

Invite System and Abuse

P-Server List


XLBot is coded to ensure that you can farm on private Metin2 servers in the fastest, most efficient and secure way. Many features of XLBot have been created in line with the experience and feedback of all users. The user interface is designed with a focus on time and usability. Also XLBot, runs in the background without consuming power on your system. All your settings are saved automatically. You can quickly set up a bot on the Metin2 server you play with XLBot, improve your character and earn money.


Client Panel

[Image: NWrmsuR.png]

Level Bot

[Image: VxzU8XT.png]

Farm Bot

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[Image: ehspPjh.png]


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