Invite System and Abuse
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Invite System

To purchase some software on, you need to have an invite code. The purpose of the Invite code system is to prevent abuses.
You can get the Invite code for free by contacting the moderators on MASYAF DISCORD SERVER []. The moderators will ask you to answer certain questions and will give your invite code by performing the checks. Moderators may not give you an invitation code on their own initiative or may not give you an invitation code if you do not meet the criteria. Also, if you are an existing Masyaf customer, you can request an invite code for your friends via the ticket system.

When requesting an invite code for your friends via the ticket system, you vouch for that person. Just as you vouch for the friend you invited, if the friend you invited invites others, you and the friend you invited will also vouch for these people. In other words, you create a voucher tree. If any abuse is detected in the voucher tree, the entire tree is banned from the system. For example, you invited a friend, your friend invited two of her friends, they invited others, and in this way, abuse was detected in one of the last users who entered the system. In this case, all invitees, including you, will be banned from the system. For this reason, when inviting someone to the system, make sure that you absolutely trust them. 

Abuse rules:
  • Do not sell or buy Invite code.
  • Only request invite codes for people you truly trust. You should definitely know the person you invite and vouch for them.
  • You must not have any ties to the game authorities.
  • Do not sell or share the purchased key code with others.
  • Do not share the files of the software with anyone.
  • Do not attempt to crack or analyze the software.
  • Be honest with the controls provided by the moderators.

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