[Guide] How to buy cryptocurrency?
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Install an app with built-in wallet and option to top up with a debit/credit card.

US only: CashApp Android and iOS apps
US and other countries: Coinbase website, Android and iOS apps
Brasil: BitcoinTrade
Canada: Shakepay
Indonesia: Indodax
Mexico: Bitso
Poland: Bitcoin.pl
Taiwan: Maicoin
Turkey: BTCTurk

Other countries:
  - Coinbase website, Android and iOS apps
  - eToro website, Android and iOS apps.
  - XCoins website, they accept Paypal as well.

After you manage to buy your first Bitcoins, check out this guide with the Shoppy store address and video on how to pay: Nasıl satın alabilirim? / How to buy?

Advanced Long Way

1. Getting a wallet.
Decentralised cryptocurrencies are like your own payment system. You are in full control of your funds. To manage funds you need a software wallet. Most secure are those you download to your computer. They sync with cryptocurrency network and provide you with wallet requisite - an address. Each wallet is stored in key file on your computer, so the first thing you do when you install it - copy the key to a safe backup place.
- Bitcoin - https://bitcoin.org/en/download
- Litecoin - https://litecoin.org
- Ethereum - https://atomicwallet.io/ethereum-wallet

There are also online services that manage your wallet online and you don't have to download anything. In this case, however, you don't have access to your wallet key.
- Blockchain (all major cryptocurrencies) - https://www.blockchain.com/wallet
- Google "bitcoin wallet online" or "litecoin wallet online"

Now you got your wallet and have full control of it. No one else can access your funds except yourself.

2. Refilling your wallet
There's no one way for everyone to topup their wallets. One service might work well for one person, and won't work for another, so you should try first all options and find the one which works best. Options here are exchange services and person-to-person exchanges.

Option 1A: Global Exchange Services
Global are those who establish their presence in major countries and follow territory regulations. Examples:
- Coinmama
- Coinbase
- Luno
- CEX.io
- Bitpanda
- etc, google "buy cryptocurrency with a debit card"

Option 1B: Smaller Exchange Services
These can be tracked at BestChange.Com : here.
Our favorite are:
- Paybis

Option 2: P2P Exchangers
It's where you find a fellow exchanger who want to exchange assets in opposite direction. For example, you want to buy Bitcoin with Paypal and another person wants to sell Bitcoin and receive Paypal. You estabilish a trade session where you specify amount you'd like to exchange and discuss details in chat environment. Cryptocurrency funds are escrowed by the service and released after both parties indicate that fiat funds were transferred.
This type of exchange is solely based on individual exchangers reputation over number of trades. If a person did hundreds of successful trades, then usually you don't need to worry about your funds.
- LocalBitcoins
- LocalCryptos

3. Using your assets
Now when you have first funds, make sure you backup the wallet key as mentioned previously. If you loose your key, you'll loose access to your money. It is totally impossible to recover it, unless you have a quantum computer. After you manage to buy your first Bitcoins, check out this guide with the Shoppy store address and video on how to pay: Nasıl satın alabilirim? / How to buy?

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