New System: What You're Curious About Private
What is the Priv System?

It is a special system with 100 Persons Selected.

Masyaf i'm a VIP member on the old Loader, what about my membership?

Your membership and the current system will remain the same for some time, but will not receive any new updates.

Invitation Code: How can I be the Chosen One?

Join our Discord address and label the official who is open from our management team to indicate that you want to be the chosen one, and if you deserve to be the chosen one after the necessary checks have been carried out by the management team, your invitation code will be given (your invitation code is private to you, do not share it with anyone else). Discord address:

I'm among the chosen ones, can I buy more than once?

Yes, you can buy it more than once. You have to pay a separate fee for each purchase.

I have 1 Priv account but I have 2 computers, is there a Hwid reset?

Yes, you can reset your Hwid address twice a month.

If you have any questions/issues in mind, please feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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